Palm Bar and Restaurant

Our elevated Palms bar and restaurant is located just above the Kid’s play area, overlooking the green spaces and sports facilities. It is decorated with canvass sheets that are rolled up during the day to allow one to catch the calm and relaxing scenery of the Park. At night, and on rainy days, the sheets are dropped to protect the restaurant from water splashes.

The restaurant has a wide menu selection of continental and exotic dishes, pastries and wood fired roasts and Tandoori oven delights. Our open kitchen is Halaal and is managed by qualified and experienced chefs, who will stop at nothing to delight your palate.

Parents can sit at the Palms restaurant or Work-hub and enjoy Dstv  as their children engage in the sports activities and gaming at the HARP.

We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, weekly buffet and catering for large events.

We observe the highest level of safety and hygiene in our kitchen.


Breakfast, Cake and Pastries